It is very hard to be a Nyeri woman right now.I am currently writing this from an underground tunnel where I have taken refuge after I received percieved threats,mostly suspicious glances .

You can imagine today as I got to work,it’s as if I had a memo on my forehead in bold neon screaming ‘I am a Nyeri Woman!!’ because everyone seemed to drift farther from me,no,not the illusion or mind tricks,they literally did!

I will start by apologizing to all men and women for the crimes of my sisters.That stashed away,let us get to the bottom of this…

Why is this happening again?Why have we found it necessary to emasculate our men in the most humiliating way?What happened to all the talk about a woman being the face of her home?What are we teaching our children?Do you have male children?Would you like such a tragedy to befall them while you’re…

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